Le dolcezze di Nanni

Cantucci, Ricciarelli, Amaretti, Panforte di Siena


In 1997, Nanni is the baker in the village of Buonconvento, Tuscany. He is well known there for making delicious bread, biscuits and cakes.


Shape up Nanni’s image for ambitious, professional distribution, while staying close to its genuine and traditional core values. Seize the opportunity to be listed in the fine food section of Harvey Nichols.

Brand Strategy

Reveal Nanni’s savoir-faire: homemade Tuscan baking


Logotype and typefaces


Brand Communication

Tradition and rough materials tell the story of homemade Tuscan biscuits.



Visual aura

The best recipe for our success is our visual identity; it succeeded in enhancing our know-how and our products.

- Luca Marini, Sales Director, 2006 -