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The Business Harbour

Branding - Business Service Platform

The Business Harbour


2015 - 2016


Business Service Platform


Strategy, Logo Design, Visual Identity, UX/UI design, Print Design, Photography, Iconography


ICS is a 15 yo and growing international accounting firm based in Geneva. SLC is a salary hosting company which is part of ICS but legally independent. In 2014, both companies need to overhaul their communication to continue growing.


Develop a consistent and compelling image for ICS and SLC that reflects their competitive advantage: the two companies together gather a dedicated, multi-competent and international team on the Quai du Mont Blanc.

Brand Strategy

Gain emotional value: Feature the business, multi-service point of sale as a home port.

The Business Harbour - Visual Exploring
Visual Exploring
The Business Harbour - Original Logo
Original Logo
The Business Harbour - New Logo
New Logo
The Business Harbour - Logo Declination
Logo Declination
The Business Harbour - Iconography
The Business Harbour - Cartes de visite
Cartes de visite
The Business Harbour - USB Stick
USB Stick

Brand experience


The Business Harbour - Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards
The Business Harbour - Press Advertising
Press Advertising

Brand Experience


The Business Harbour - Responsive Design
Responsive Design

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