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Clés du Climat Genève

Brand Identity | République et canton de Genève

Clés du Climat Genève


2022 - 2023


Sustainable & Climate Transition


Naming, Copywriting, Branding, Illustration, Motion Design


In May 2022, the agency was invited, along with five others, to pitch for the communication campaign of the State of Geneva on the Cantonal Climate Plan 2030 (Plan Climat Cantonal 2023) and climate-related challenges. An interdepartmental working group, tasked with gathering the specific needs of different departments and services, was established to coordinate this initiative at the cantonal level.


In June 2022, following the pitch, Parenti Design was selected for the design of the visual identity and overall message aimed at creating cohesion and engaging the people of Geneva in the PCC2030. In October 2022, after months of intense efforts by the agency to meet the diverse and sometimes conflicting needs of the interdepartmental working group, the State of Geneva decided to halt the project and postpone the campaign. Subsequently assigned to another agency, this immense effort never saw the light of day, except for the logo, taken out of its context. The case study presented below is therefore particularly important to us, as it is the only platform where the project comes to life.

Symbolizing everyone's involvement


Clés du Climat - Couleurs


Identité Visuelle

Ancien logo, ancien naming
Clés du Climat - Nouveau logo
Nouveau logo, nouveau naming
Clés du Climat - Clé construction
Couleur de la marque
Clés du Climat - Charte graphique
Faro by Luzi Type


Mascotte Clés du Climat

Kit Mascotte



Cles Du Climat - Double F4
Cles Du Climat - F24
Cles Du Climat - F4 nature
Cles Du Climat - Thanks for watching


«Un immense incendie se déclare dans la forêt, et tous les animaux, impuissants face aux flammes, regardent désespérément le feu dévorer leur habitat. Seul le colibri, un tout petit oiseau, se met à puiser de l'eau dans son bec pour lancer quelques gouttes sur le feu. Les autres animaux, perplexes, lui demandent ce qu'il est en train de faire, vu l'ampleur du désastre. Le colibri répond simplement : Je fais ma part.»

La Part du Colibri, Pierre Rabhi

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